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Lewis is an energetic & entertaining international recording artist.


The Barbadian native is classified as an R&B Singer; Ryan is also a prolific Song-writer, Producer and is extremely versatile as well as creative. Ryan is the founder of Elevation Music Studio a recording studio and music school, which focuses on music development and audio recording.


Ryan has been in the music industry for over 15 years, performing in different parts of the Caribbean, UK and Canada. The highlight of his career was being a member of the award winning Caribbean top 40 group, The Toni Norville Band, who shared the stage with internationally acclaimed artists such as, but not limited to the following: Rhianna, India Arie, Boyz II Men, Jah Rule, Brian McKnight, Beenie man, Fat Joe, Ashanti, Buju Banton.


Quite recently Ryan has been actively been involved with as lead singer of Club Church Ministries, who were recently nominated for best seasonal recording, and has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Juno award winners: Manic Drive.


In 2008 Ryan launched his solo career as The Ryan Lewis Project with an inspirational album entitled, ‘Fight For Love’- Distributed by Warner Canada and can be found on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Google Play and many other major retail stores on the Internet. His first single, ‘Shortie,’ has since been in rotation on Much Vibe and other Urban music stations in North America and the Caribbean. The album debut was delivered on the Sisco Ottawa Gospel Bluesfest stage, where he had the pleasure of opening for high profile international artists such as  Toronto mass Choir, D.A. T.R.U.T.H, Richie Righteous, Canton Jones and many more. He as also had that pleasure of sharing the stage with high profile Canadian artists such as Ryan Malcolm, Magic, Karl wolf, Thornley, Susan Aglukark among others.


Lewis most recent work is an EP called 'Lights: Conviction.' It is an edgy and personal reflection of how his heart perceives relationship, leadership and, love. "It sad that if Paul, the apostle, or even Jesus Christ, Himself, were to manifest, physically, in our world today,  firmly believe Christians would be the first to have them killed! Its such a hard truth to tell! Because, we only see the 'lovey' 'dovey' God who cares for everyone, and that He does, but The God I serve is also a God of vengeance, passion and a of punishment. Most of us are too coy to speak firmly to members of our congregations, in fear of loosing that financial support, or go to the extreme of micro-managing others, through dictatorship and condemnation, to perform in the ideal manner that is suiting. This album is the way I interpret biblical truth, according to the new covenant, through Grace, not grace the word, but Grace the Son! A word to a people that would listen and endeavour to act, not upon my word, but upon the word of Grace himself."


Ryan came from a very humble lifestyle and understands the relevance of remaining humble and community driven; for this reason he has partnered with Easter Seals, donating a portion of his new album PURPOSE BY DESIGN, with the intention of giving back to his community. Ryan has also been instrumental in supporting other organizations such as: Canadian Cancer Society; Hands of Hope and is an active volunteer at his local Church - Kingston Christian Fellowship.


"I love the feeling of selflessness and the freedom that comes with pouring into others; especially when it involves positive and uplifting music."


Ryan insists that his greatest achievement is being able to give back to his community, and his mandate is to affect as many lives as he can, in a positive way, changing the world one love song at a time.

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“Concert Review - Ottawa Artists Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Debut artist and Barbados native Ryan Lewis followed after, to the great delight of the delegates from the Barbadian High Commission and introduced his brand of Noe/soul to the unsuspecting Ottawa audience. His performance captivated the audience with high energy and let Ottawa know that there was definitely a new artist in town. ”

- Sarah Onyango, Ottawa sun (Jan 19, 2007)


“Neo-Soul artist Ryan Lewis among the performers at this weeks Bluesfest, one of Ottawa's hidden jems”

- Kim Mannix Vermette, Metro Ottawa (Jul 13, 2007)


“when I first heard him he became an instant hit with me. He was undoubtedly the best singer then, and so far this year, I have heard none better”

- Emmanuel Joseph, Barbados Advocate (Sep 25, 1997)


“EMC Entertainment - Singer/songwriter Ryan Lewis has proven over the years that he has a knack for performing diverse styles of music on the local scene with his band, The Ryan Lewis Project. Now, he is going back to the music that originally inspired him with the group's latest album, Purpose by Design, which features smooth, soulful R&B-style music. "This is pretty much me through and through," says Lewis, explaining that R&B has always been his true niche. "My influences are people like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and from the harmony aspect people like Boyz II Men. All those groups really spurred and ignited the flame in me to do this kind of music." Lewis hopes the album will connect with people on a personal level through the music itself, and also through the lyrics, which deal with universal subjects like relationships, community and [Brokenness].”

- Hollie Pratt Campbell, EMC (Jun 16, 2011)


Erica Irwin

Owner and Principal Wedding Planner at Erica Irwin Events

We hired Ryan to play at our wedding since I think he is a phenomenal musician and entertainer. Ryan and his band did not disappoint!! He had our ceremony rockin' gospel style like no one else could! People still say its the best wedding they have ever been too.

September 18, 2011, Erica was ryan's client


Kherson W Amell

I've had the exceptionally good fortune of working with Ryan on and off for the last five years. On stage he is electric; engaging the audience and simply nailing his performances with precision. Off stage he is organized, meticulous and professional. Ryan has an intrinsic knowledge of his craft, which is so rare and so necessary these days (or any day, truly). Perhaps most importantly, Ryan is also one hell of a nice guy, and one of my favourite people!


Christina Decarie

Communications Instructor, Writer, Editor, Writing Consultant, Micropublisher

Ryan is passionate, positive, and brings a great deal of energy to everything he does. He has high standards of professionalism and commitment, and he expects the same from the people around him.



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Ryan Lewis: Shortie 2008 (socan)

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